c'afe   c'work   c'bar

Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa, no. 9090, Berawa, Canggu 80361

we are a digital nomad cafe & bar created over three floors with the be c’ugh concept (be cool, crazy, clean enough) in mind, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Bali rice paddy fields and sunsets.

we know you're going to ask, so we thought we'd beat you to it... c'ugh is pronounced as [kuhf].  check out our video if you want to know more about the be c’ugh concept.



c’ugh house c’afe brings you exciting brunch and dinner c’raves that generally consist of natural fitness foods, smoothies and juices providing the positive, healthy, energy-building sustenance needed for the body, mind and soul. For you coffee lovers, you’ll be delighted with our superb Indonesian c’ugh house c’offee blend and rotating single origins crafted by trained baristas who aim to give you the best coffee drink around.



While our ground floor is geared towards a cafe and bar vibe, our first floor is dedicated as a casual work space; we’re calling it the c’work space, designed for the remote worker who works best in a cafe environment with a bit of this and that going on nearby. Here, you’ll get high-speed (2.5 GB per minute) fibreoptic broadband at a competitive price in Bali.  We provide a mix of seating options using tables at high, normal and low heights in different areas with specific purposes in mind.  For example, an air-conditioned quiet room, a meeting space and open lounge space.  You can also enjoy anything from the menu up here too.



If you’re feeling a bit naughty and want to spice it up a bit, then you must make use of the c’ugh house c’bar for some mood-enhancing special c’ugh house c’ocktails.  You might even get your groove on while you’re at it.